GSETS unites community members, businesses, and conservationists to drive sustainable tourism in the Sundarbans, ensuring ecological preservation and local prosperity.

Destination management is the coordinated management of all tourism related elements that make up a particular place, including the attractions, amenities, access, marketing and pricing. For the destination of the Greater Sundarbans, it was a critical step for the USAID Ecotourism Activity to link these elements for the improved overall management and marketing of the destination. This has been achieved through the establishment of Bangladesh’s first ever destination management organization, the Greater Sundarbans EcoTourism Society (GSETS). 

GSETS is a public-private authority established by community members, business owners, and other key stakeholders surrounding the Sundarbans Reserved Forest. This organization, led by a Board of Directors, aims to coordinate many elements within the tourism supply chain to better serve community members and support the ongoing conservation work of the Bangladesh Forest Department for the Sundarbans as an ecologically rich hotspot. As a destination management and marketing organization, GSETS brings together entities that serve all aspects of the visitor experience, from lodging, attraction operators, restaurants, and craftspeople - so that they can share insights into what makes their community stand out as a unique tourist destination. 

Destinations with a strong destination management and marketing organization are more competitive and have increased visibility and better economic performance than those without. GSETS focuses on elevating the Greater Sundarbans area through marketing activities and long-term strategic planning to attract and educate visitors, create positive visitor experiences, promote attractions, accommodations, and points of interest through advertising, and most importantly to preserve and protect the UNESCO World Heritage site and the life forms that depend on the forest.

Our Objectives 

Raise awareness of conservation efforts and incentivize responsible travel practices among tourists 

Provide a space for collaboration among stakeholders and strategic development for businesses operating around the Sundarbans

Leverage the significant variety of natural and heritage assets to create more attractions for both visitors and residents to enjoy 

Enhance collaboration with existing organizations and individual businesses with a vested interest in marketing the region to pool resources and coordinate objectives 

Enhance local pride among residents through highlighting what makes the destination special 

Attract more eco-friendly visitors and increase their spending to generate greater economic impacts from the visitor economy

Guiding the direction of the Sundarbans community investment and development moving forward

Incorporate the experiences available within the Sundarbans to more itineraries of domestic and international tour operators 

Entice visitors to book longer stays year-round through supporting tourism entrepreneurs, developing new tourism products, and packaging and promoting the region’s assets to target markets

Develop the Sundarbans Reserved Forest as a S.A.V.E. destination

Become a Member

As a local business owner operating in the Sundarbans Reserved Forest, you are responsible for showing our beautiful Sundarbans to the world.

Now we want to make sure the world can find you.

We bring together stakeholders such as yourself from the private sector, NGO, government, and protected area authorities to ensure that the Sundarbans region is both promoted and protected. We work with these stakeholders to create a vision for visitor management and tourism marketing in the region, ensuring that the Sundarbans are loved and cherished for generations to come. As a business member, you will have exclusive access to marketing and promotion through our website, social media outlets, brochures, and trade shows. You will receive exclusive member-only training on digital marketing, sustainability, and visitor services. You will also have access to a network of local and international stakeholders committed to showcasing the Sundarbans on the world stage.

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