Mongla is a port city in the Khulna Region of Bangladesh and is located along the Pashur River, approximately 100 km (62 miles) north of the Bay of Bengal. It is the main launch point for many journeys into the Sundarbans Reserve Forest. Notable for hosting the second-largest seaport in Bangladesh, Mongla has become an integral part of the country’s growth and is known for shrimp farming and other export commodities such as crab, jute, leather, tobacco, frozen fish, and shrimp.

Due to Mongla’s location across the river from the Sundarbans Reserved Forest, visitors can easily access the Karamjal Ecotourism Center and other tourist attractions like Harbaria, Katka, Kochikhali, and Hiron Point. Karamjal Ecotourism Center is a short boat ride from Mongla and is the only legal entry point if you plan to venture into the Sundarbans independently. Karamjal Ecotourism Center features raised walking trails perfect for wildlife viewing, notably tigers and crocodiles. If you happen to spot an elusive big cat, consider yourself extremely lucky! 

Mongla is also known for its long-term sustainability efforts and emphasis on climate resiliency. As the haven for thousands of climate migrants, 150,000 individuals residing in the city are climate refugees who have lost their previous homes due to rapidly rising climate issues such as river erosion. Through its implementation of modern infrastructures, such as flood-control gates and freshwater treatment plans, Mongla has become a model of sustainable development in Bangladesh.

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