Another popular embarkation point for the Sundarbans is Jashore. Jashore is the third largest city in the Khulna District of Bangladesh and is a hub for transiting visitors with a relatively large and well-connected airport. Many visitors fly into Jashore and then go to Khulna City for their journey into the Sundarbans.

Jashore is relatively navigable on foot, and it’s easy to hail a cycle-rickshaw to explore the city further. If you have time to spend a few days in Jashore, there are many intriguing points of interest to explore.

In the city center stands Victory ’71, a 32-foot-tall sculpture by Badrul Islam Nannu, dedicated to those who lost their lives during the emancipation of Jashore from Pakistani occupation during the Bangladesh War of Liberation. You can also venture to the Michael Madhusudan Dutta Memorial House, the birthplace of Bangladesh’s most famous writer. The museum displays his life history and allows visitors to learn about his famous works of modern Bengali literature. 

There are also many ancient buildings to explore, including the Rajbari of Chanchra. The remarkable red brick Rajbari was built in 1729 for a successful Zaminder of Mughal times and represents a fascinating historical period in Bangladesh. Shrines of Muslim saints Bahram Shah and Gharib Shah can also be visited. 

Jashore hosts a stadium, a library, several educational institutions, and many recreational parks and picnic spots, like Jess Garden, Jessore Picnic Corner, Binodia Family Park, and Jessore Cantonment. If you’re eager to indulge in the local gastronomy of Jashore, be sure to try the district’s famous “Khejur Gur” which is made of date palm and is said to provide many health benefits. Another local favorite is Jamtala sweet meat, which is made from curdled milk and is popular at ceremonies and usually gifted to neighbors as a symbol of good wishes.