Katka & Kochikhali

Tiger Point

Kochikhali, which is often referred to as Tiger Point, is very popular amongst visitors wanting to venture deep into the forest. With a location in the lap of the Bay of Bengal within the Sundarbans East Wildlife Sanctuary, you can truly take in the scenic beauty of the forest, embarking on jungle treks or relaxed strolls through the forest. Kochikhali beach is also an attractive destination with jetty access, a dense forest, and a foot trail for visitors. Tigers roam on this beach at night, and if you’re lucky, you may be able to spot their pugmarks (footprints).

Boating along the canals crisscrossing the area allows tourists to spot basking crocodiles, deer, lizards, wild boar, and many bird species. Kochikhali also has an open meadow in the middle of the forest and is a haven for birds, deer, wild boars, and tigers. It also has a big pond to provide sweet water for wild animals looking to cool off and drink during the hot summer days.

Katka features the Jamtala Watch (observation) Tower directly across the river and is another spot where tigers are occasionally spotted. Pugmarks of other small cats are also common here and make for an exciting find. The canals of the Katka area are home to the rare and globally threatened bird called the Masked Finfoot, which you can increase your likelihood of spotting on a noise-free country boat tour.

Jamtala Beach, or Katka Beach, is 1 km east of Katka and is dominated by Jambolan trees. The grassland meadows on the way to the beach are a great birding spot, especially for Bee-eaters (Shui Chora), who nest in March and April. Kans grass (Kashphul) blooms are present in the autumn and look like a wave on land with the passing breeze.

From Katka to Kachikhali, it takes around one and a half hours by engine boat, depending on tides. Visitors can spend time here by enjoying a walk through Kachikhali to Katka Sea Beach and around Tiger Point. They can also visit Egg Island (so named because of its shape as a chicken egg) and enjoy the beach and beautiful view of the ocean.

Future development of the Katka-Kochikhali area may focus on the addition of facilities signage for wayfinding, distance markers, and a detailed map of the area with walking trails, attractions and activities. In addition, the rest areas could be decorated with interpretive and educational signage or infographic display boards with information on critically endangered wildlife, as well as some fun-facts for children about plants, wildlife, climate change, tides and more. 

Both Katka and Kochikhali have rest houses managed by Bangladesh Forest Department that can be booked in advance. 

Facilities and Amenities:

  • Ghat/jetty
  • BFD Patrol Office
  • BFD Rest House/Lodging
  • Public toilets & rest areas
  • Watchtower
  • Mosque (Temporary)