Khan Jahan Ali Bridge

Khan Jahan Ali Bridge is a bridge over Rupsa River in Khulna, Bangladesh. It is also known as Rupsa bridge. The bridge connects the southern districts, especially the Mongla seaport, with Khulna city. It thus plays an important role in Bangladesh's economy. 

The Khan Jahan Ali Bridge is over 1.6 kilometers long, with special lanes for pedestrian and non-mechanized vehicles.The bridge has now become a tourist spot in Khulna. Every day many people from Khulna city visit the bridge, especially in the afternoon. On festival days like Eid and Pahela Boisakh, people of all ages gather on the bridge to celebrate. One can also visit the bridge at night and see the city of Khulna dazzling in the night.

The bridge is now a communal place for the people of Khulna. There are many shops and restaurants under the bridge. 

Photocredit: কুপি বাতি (licensed under CC BY 4.0