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Liveaboards and Day Boats

Day Boat Tour Operators

Day boat tours, a prominent component of the Greater Sundarbans' tourism offerings, are primarily operated out of Mongla Port with no additional services like ground transportation. These boat tours typically serve as an introduction to the Sundarbans, catering to visitors seeking a quick experience of the mangrove forest. Day boat tours are characterized by their accessibility, with Mongla's strategic location providing convenient entry points for tourists. 

Day boat tours offer visitors stunning views of the mangrove forest, providing an opportunity to witness its unique beauty, flora, and fauna. Usually with a stop at Karamjal or nearby and easily-accessible EcoTourism Centers for example Harbaria and Andharmanik, these tours often include sightings of more common wildlife, including various bird species, deer, dolphins, crocodiles, and monkeys. 

Pricing: Highly negotiable depending upon the number of people in your group, size of the boat, and number of sites visiting. Cost ranges between BDT 4000 to 8000 (USD $35-75) per boat that could accommodate 10-12 people comfortably.

Average time of a tour: Six (6) hours 

Live-Aboard Overnight Tour Operators

Guided tour experiences in the Sundarbans are focused on the “live-aboard” boat industry which is currently centered around Khulna City on the Rupsha River. The industry has grown to more than 50 boats and is represented by the 89-member Tour Operators Association of Sundarbans (TOAS). 

The live-aboard boats (45-50m) typically have 10-12 cabins on average (most with shared bathrooms) with a capacity of 30-50 persons. Some (9) larger boats accommodate up to 75 persons and some smaller boats are designed for 10-20 persons. The diesel engine-powered boats typically have a galley and dining area, communal rooms and both indoor and outdoor viewing areas, and are often towing a smaller “country” boat that can be used to take guests to/from the boats as well as to/from excursions. 

Most live-aboard boat operators offer a relatively similar three day / two night tour into the SRF that starts and ends at Khulna City. The tour travels the entire length of the Sundarbans to include two overnights on the southern edge of the SRF near the Bay of Bengal. Although some variation exists, the overall 3D/2N tour includes the following activities:

The degree to which guests are educated and immersed in the natural and cultural treasures of the Sundarbans varies greatly amongst operators. Some tours incorporate visits to cultural sites such as the 60-Dome Mosque before embarking on the river, offering tourists a more holistic experience. 

Pricing: The 3D/2N live-aboard boat tour pricing varies amongst companies but averages USD $150-$200 per person for domestic visitors and USD $200-300 per person for foreign visitors. The tour price includes boat transportation, food, lodging, guides and park fees.   

Primary high season is from November to April (dry season) when a scheduled service once per week is usually offered, almost always over the weekend. Additional trips can be booked on a reservation basis at other times during high season or low season. 

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