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Evergreen Tours

B.I.W.T.A, 4 No Launch Ghat Rd, Khulna 9100, Bangladesh

About the business listing

Evergreen Tours specializes in immersive Sundarbans experiences, operating two vessels, Sunway Two and ML Sunshine, to cater to diverse preferences and group sizes. Embark on our Sundarbans Package Tour to explore the largest mangrove forest in the world, a pristine wilderness teeming with rare wildlife such as Royal Bengal Tigers, Spotted Deer, Claw-Less Otters, Saltwater Crocodiles, and numerous bird species. Lasting 3 days and 2 nights, this adventure takes you deep into the heart of the Sundarbans, offering opportunities to anchor in different locations, visit wildlife sanctuaries, navigate creeks and canals on wooden boats for early morning wildlife spotting, trek forest trails with armed forest guards, and observe wildlife from watch towers. Located in Khulna, Bangladesh, this tour promises an unforgettable journey into the wild


Tour Stops

Generally, our tour starts from Khulna and ends in Khulna. 

Points of Interest on standard Sundarbans tours include: Andharmanik, Jamtala Sea-Beach, Katka Office Par, Kachikhali Office Par, Dimer Char
Karamjal & Canal Cruising (Katka, Kochikhali)

About our Boats: Sunway Two & ML Sunshine!

Evergreen Tours boasts two remarkable vessels in our fleet: Sunway Two and ML Sunshine. Sunway Two offers accommodation for up to 9 guests, with 3 cabins available for three-person occupancy. Meanwhile, ML Sunshine can accommodate up to 34 guests, with 11 cabins designed for couples and 4 cabins for three-person occupancy. Experience comfort and convenience as you explore the mesmerizing Sundarbans with Evergreen Tours aboard these well-appointed vessels.

How to get there

B.I.W.T.A, 4 No Launch Ghat Rd, Khulna 9100, Bangladesh