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The Royal Tour

A.33.K.D. Avenue. Khulna, 9100. Bangladesh

About the business listing

The Royal Tour is a dedicated travel company offering exceptional waterway experiences. Our flagship vessel, M.V. Royal Magpie, reflects our commitment to quality and comfort, ensuring every voyage is memorable and enjoyable. We take pride in delivering superior service and a unique cruising experience.


Tour Stops

Generally, our tour starts from Khulna and ends in Khulna. 

Points of Interest on standard Sundarbans tours include: 

  • Andharmanik 
  • Harbariya 
  • Jamtala Sea-Beach
  • Katka Office Par
  • Kachikhali Office Par
  • Egg Island 
  • Karamjal
  • Dubla island
  • Heron Point
  • Canal Cruising

About our Boat:  M.V. Royal Magpie

M.V. Royal Magpie is a non-AC boat designed to provide a serene and comfortable journey for our guests. With a bed capacity of 64 persons, the vessel is meticulously crafted to cater to diverse passenger needs, from intimate getaways to family vacations. The boat features two cozy couple bedded cabins, ideal for those seeking a private and romantic retreat, ensuring a comfortable and intimate experience on the water. For families or small groups, the vessel offers 20 spacious three bedded cabins, providing a relaxing environment that allows guests to unwind and enjoy their journey together.

Our facilities are designed to enhance the comfort and convenience of all passengers. The M.V. Royal Magpie is equipped with 13 attached baths, offering guests the luxury of exclusive bathroom facilities within their cabins. Additionally, to accommodate all passengers, the boat features eight high-commode and two low-commode common baths, ensuring that all sanitation needs are efficiently and hygienically met.

A voyage aboard M.V. Royal Magpie promises an unparalleled experience on the water. Our vessel is designed to provide a comfortable and enjoyable environment for all guests, whether they are couples, families, or groups of friends. The combination of well-appointed cabins and comprehensive facilities ensures that every passenger has a pleasant and memorable journey.