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The J R S Tours and Travels

Sk. Abdul Hai Road, Beside of Monga Port

About the business listing

The J R S Tours and Travels is a renowned tour operator in the Sundarbans, recognized as a pioneer in luxury boat experiences. Their fleet includes two impressive ships for discerning travelers: M L Suboti and M B Alorkol.


Tour Stops

Generally, our tour starts from Khulna and ends in Khulna. 

Regional points of interest available on our tours:

  • Andharmanik 
  • Jamtala Sea-Beach
  • katka Office Par
  • Kachikhali Office Par
  • Dimer Char
  • Karamjal
  • Canal Cruising (Katka, Kochikhali)
  • All Spots (During Research)

About our Boats: M.L. Suboti & M.L. Alorkol

M.L. Suboti offers accommodation for up to 38 guests, featuring a mix of cabins including 1 twin-bedded cabin, 4 couple bedded cabins, 5 three-bedded cabins, and 1 four-bedded cabin. Similarly, M.L. Alorkol also accommodates up to 38 guests, with a single bedded cabin, 3 twin-bedded cabins, and 1 couple bedded cabin available for passengers' comfort and convenience.